Under the Big Top 18" Doll Series #2


Please join me in the exciting world of Under the Big Top.  One sculpted 18"  doll, a fabric suitcase, a menagerie of mohair circus animals and a wardrobe of finery and frippery (not to mention all the little extra goodies and treats).  All for you.  Get ready for some serious spoiling!  For 6 months you will receive an over the top package that includes your doll, her suitcase, 5 mohair animals, a bespoke wardrobe and treats and gifts to delight you both. 

Here is how it works:

Once you purchase your space in this program you will receive an email with your doll detail options.  These include hair color, skin tone and eye color.  Once you return your doll desires to me,  I will put on some comfy clothes, make a cup of coffee and retire to my sewing sanctuary to begin the joyful endeavor of creating a treasured little circus girl just for you.  She will come home fully dressed and with the first of her 5 Under the Big Top mohair animal sidekicks. 

Your doll's face will be fully sculpted and she will have a head full of Suri Alpaca locks.  Her hair will be able to be styled in a variety of ways which will come in handy as she'll be receiving an assortment of hair pretties and hats.  

In Month 1 you will receive your doll, fully dressed including undergarments and footwear, a mohair animal and secret spoiling goodies.

In Month 2 you will receive a handmade fabric suitcase and your doll's second complete outfit.  

In Months 3, 4, 5 and 6 your daring circus girl will receive four more complete ensembles along with 4 magical mohair animals..  In one of these parcels you will also find a second pair of fancy footwear.  

The mohair animals are between 6" and 9" tall depending on the animal and will each arrive in their own fabric gift bag.  The animals will include an elephant, a bear, a giraffe and 2 more that are undetermined a this point.


Here are the Business-y Bits

Payment - You may choose to pay up front and in full.  You may also choose the "Pay in 5 Payments" option.  The first payment is due upon check out.  The second through fifth payments will be invoiced to you every 30 days from the date of check out for the following 4 months. If you choose the 5 payment plan you are agreeing to promptly make the 4 subsequent payments upon receiving the invoices.  

Shipping for all 6 months is included in the purchase of the series.  International shipping is an additional $125 and will be included in your Month 2 invoice.

The shipping schedule is as follows:

September 15:  Your doll, her mohair companion and your doll's first outfit ( along with all manner of treats and delights). 

October 15:  Your doll's second outfit and fabric suitcase.

November 15:  Your doll's 3rd outfit and 2nd mohair animal.

December 15:  Your doll's 4th outfit and 3rd mohair animal.

January 15:  Your doll's 5th outfit and 4th mohair animal.

February 20:  Your doll's 6th outfit and 5th mohair animal.


All Dolls ship with Insurance. 

 The doll and the mohair animals are not toys.  They are intended for adult collectors.  The doll skin tones to choose from are shown in the second photo.  The Elephant mohair doll is an example of a past doll and is similar to what you will be receiving.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at barrie@meadowfinch.com