Miss Maple Macaron + Little Lamb Licorice

Dear Maple is not a baby.  Well that's what she says.  She still wears a diaper and takes 2 naps a day so you be the judge. Just between you and me I think she has one toe in babyhood and one toe in toddlerhood. Maple's little wool and cotton lamb, Licorice, still wants her to be a baby so they can continue to snuggle and nap together forever.

Maple is 21" long and she is made with Swiss tricot, wool and she has a Suri Alpaca fiber head of hair.  It is some head of hair too.  So incredibly soft and brushable.  You must use a brush like a Denman or the like.  It won't pull on the fiber and her hair will stay full and luxurious. 

I've weighted Maple in her tummy and her hands and feet.  Not a lot.  Just enough to give her some heft and so she'll very easy to pose. The weighting material is glass beads that are made for doll weighting.

Another unique thing about Miss Maple is that her limbs are all a bit different.  One leg is a little more bent than the other and the same goes for her arms.  This gives her the ability to have a more realistic pose.

Maple comes home with her Cashmere upcycled outfit.  A top with handmade pom-poms and baby (ok toddler) pants that have little embroidered flowers over a few tiny holes.  She has a corduroy blouse and organic cotton bloomers, a diaper, socks and hand knit booties with more handmade pom-poms.  Maple has a double gauze blanket with hand stitching around the perimeter and some wool flowers at the corners.

Maple's cashmere clothing may be hand washed with a wool friendly soap and laid to dry on a towel.  Her cotton clothing can be hand washed and line dried.

Maple is best for humans that no longer chew on their toys.  Licorice is fine for all humans.