Do you make custom dolls?  

Not at this time.  I may offer them in the future.  Sign up to receive Love Letters from Meadowfinch in your inbox to be updated on this in the future.

Are you available for Pattern Support if I need it?

Yes I am.  You are always welcome to email me at barrie@meadowfinch.com and I will be happy to assist you.

How do I clean my Meadowfinch doll?

Great question!  For spot cleaning you can use a soft cloth (like t-shirt fabric), a dab of soap and gently rub the spot out.  Rinse with clean water and set up to dry.  If your doll needs a deeper or all over cleaning  you can give him/her a soak in a warm bath with a little bit of wool friendly soap.  Gently give the doll a few squishes and let it have some luxurious spa time.  When you are ready place the doll in clean water and give it a few gentle squeezes.  Repeat this if necessary.  Keep in mind that a well loved doll will never be like new.  It's a beautiful thing