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  • Moondrops Pattern
  • Moondrops Pattern

Moondrops Pattern

$ 6.50

This little 4" pocket doll is the perfect doll for little hands, for a lunch basket surprise, for any and all coat pockets.  Surprise your little one with a Moondrop from the Tooth Fairy or maybe from the Easter Bunny.

Made with cotton velour, wool and a little bit of doll skin fabric, Moondrops are quick and easy to make.  

Supplies Needed.
5” x 15”  Cotton velour or equally soft and stretchy fabric
3” x 3”  Cotton interlock skin tone fabric
 Wool Yarn for head core
6” of 1” Tubular gauze
1.5 yd Strong string
Strong sewing thread
Embroidery floss 
Wool stuffing
Gel Pens for facial features

                                           Beeswax crayon for blushing

You are welcome to sell any products you make using Meadowfinch patterns so long as you offer design credit to “MEADOWFINCH” and only produce items on a small scale using your own two hands.  Any distribution of the pattern pieces and/or instructions is expressly prohibited